Loving well?

We often think and talk about being in love and being loved. But what about how well we love? And what is loving well, anyway?

Maybe it’s setting the intention to give others the benefit of the doubt and to be caring, thoughtful, and kind, as in . . .

  • For people I know, am I able to walk in their shoes so I can empathize with their experience?
  • For strangers, am I patient enough to create a backstory to put their actions into a loving perspective?
  • When someone says or does something that annoys or frustrates me, am I able to admit to myself that I must say and do those things too?
  • Do I take the time to think about what makes other people happy and do what I can to further their happiness?

Obviously, loving well is a lot to take on and a lot to strive toward . . . but that wonderful, open-hearted feeling we get when we’re successful is worth it.


2 thoughts on “Loving well?

  1. This is great, Gloria. I like the “intention to give others the benefit of the doubt” — spot on!

    I haven’t been posting a whole lot in my blog, but I did get a worthy nudge to set my intention on music, so I’ve started doing recording short multi-part pieces of songs this week and it’s been a wonderful exercise.


    I think my next song will be “Your Lone Journey,” a tearjerker from Doc Watson. Are you still singing/playing?


  2. I totally agree. The most you can do is do your part. If the other refuses to comply, then it’s their loss. Helping others and being is wonderful. Love is the only that can defeat evil in all its forms. 🙂


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